GOLF COURSE to be run by Rawhiti Club

From 1 September 2015, our full 18-hole Golf Course will be run by the Rawhiti Golf Club.

This turnaround from promised closure of the course by the Christchurch City Council has been the result of much hard work by the Executive Committee, members and dedicated supporters. We are indebted to the local Community for their support and to everyone who has made this possible.

Over recent weeks we have had a major set-back, for our club programme and for green fee players, with Orion running three electricity cables through 7 of our back nine holes making the full course being unplayable for many weeks. This work went on much longer than anticipated.

We WILL OPEN the back nine again on 16 August despite the ground not being fully repaired. There will be areas marked as GUR and we ask all players not to go onto these areas but use the dedicated paths. This will allow the grassed areas to fully recover.

Since our club volunteers took over the running of the shop on 1 May we have made great progress, still returning green fees to the Council, and have enjoyed getting to know so many of our green fee players. City Council will continue to monitor our progress but green fees will be collected and used to pay our greenkeeper for course maintenance.

We are looking forward to this major challenge and encourage locals and golfers from further afield to return to Rawhiti to play their golf and continue to enjoy the friendship and fun generated by our enthusiastic team.

If you have queries re bookings for tournaments etc contact Rawhiti Golf Club – Shop 388 7408, or Clubrooms 388 6626 or email: [email protected]