You will have heard the talk about the Rawhiti Golf Course closing in September 2015. Be assured that the Committee has been working feverishly behind the scenes to stop this happening.

We are working with the Rawhiti Community Sports Incorporated who will take the lead in our appeal to the Community Board and Council and provide the expertise required. The CCC draft to shut the course is a recommendation only.

All indications are looking good and we are very confident that we will have our golf course for years to come.

We know club members will continue to support us by playing on Wednesday and Sunday mornings in club competition and representing Rawhiti in Interclub games. The social aspect of our club is also paramount in keeping the fun in the game so we encourage everyone to continue supporting the bar, raffles and other club activities.

As well as our appeal to the Council we have a petition that we ask all to sign. Letters of support are welcome and these can be addressed to –

Rawhiti Golf Club, PO Box 18589, New Brighton, Christchurch 8641

Your e-mails of support can be addressed to: [email protected]